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This graphic is explained in the accompanying text How to create a connection  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can create connections between two objects and the program supports you in this with selections and icons.


Create connections using the connection symbol


       1.      Click on the Connection button. The button is framed.

       2.      Click in the middle of the source object.

       3.      Click in the middle of the target object. The connection is created at the center of the border of the objects.

Create connections using anchor points


       1.      If necessary, activate Connection Mode.

       2.      Move the mouse pointer to the source object. As soon as the mouse pointer is positioned on the border of the object, anchor points for the connection are displayed. The mouse pointer icon informs you that the connection can be attached to the source object.

       3.      Select the anchor point you want by moving the mouse pointer along the border of the object. Possible anchor points are indicated by squares. Click on the square that occupies the position of the desired anchor point.

       4.      Drag the mouse pointer to the target object. The possible alignment of the connection is shown by a line. You can also set your Own Connection Alignment.

       5.      Click on the desired anchor point of the target object.


The connection is created.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

       If you use quick modeling, connections are created between two objects without you having to drag the connections explicitly.

       If a connection cannot be used to link two objects according to the method, a prohibitory sign is displayed. If you draw a connection from a source to a target object which is only allowed from the target to the source object by the method, the allowed connection is created.

       If several connection types are allowed between two objects, the Select Relationship Type dialog box opens so that you can make your selection.

       If you have set a grid, the alignment of the connections will be affected by the grid width, as well.


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