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To monitor whether particular steps are executed at a particular point in time, you must first define a deadline.

To do so, insert the step to be monitored in a block and then define a deadline branch for the block. This deadline branch and the steps it contains will be executed if the deadline is not met. This does not affect the remaining steps in the process, however. Note in particular that no steps are terminated automatically.

You decide what happens when a deadline is not met by inserting the relevant steps in the deadline branch. For example, you can insert a control step to terminate the process or to trigger an alert for SAP Alert Management.


       1.      Define a block and insert the steps that you want to monitor.

       2.      Use the context menu for the block to insert a deadline branch.

       3.      Define the required deadline.

       4.      In the deadline branch, insert the steps that are to be executed when the deadline is not met.


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