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You can assign one or more outbound or inbound interfaces to an action. These can be service interfaces, RFCs, or IDocs.

For more information about the different interface object types, see Introduction to Service Development .

Note the following restrictions when assigning interfaces:

      The software component version of the interface must be the same software component version as the action in the case of internal actions. The name of the interface and the action do not have to be the same.

      There are no restrictions on external actions with regard to the software component version of the inserted interface.

      Abstract interfaces can be inserted both as outbound and inbound interfaces.

      When assigning an inbound interface, it must be an inbound service interface, an RFC, or an IDoc.

      When assigning an outbound interface, it must be an outbound service interface, an RFC, or an IDoc.


You have called the action editor and are in change mode.



       1.      Depending on whether you want to assign an inbound or an outbound interface to the action, choose either Inbound Interfaces or Outbound Interfaces.

       2.      Choose Insert Empty Line Below Line Selected (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text).

       3.      You can call the search help in the inserted line. To do so, choose the search help icon (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text) at the end of the table line. In the dialog Select Interface, select the interface you want to use.


Only those interfaces that match the criteria above are displayed in the dialog.

       4.      Select the interface and choose OK.


You also have the option of assigning the action a service interface that has not yet been defined in the Enterprise Services Builder. To do so, carry out steps 1 and 2 above. In step 3, enter the name of the service interface manually in the corresponding field. You can also specify an appropriate namespace, if necessary.

This option supports the top-down approach: You have the option of modeling the interface initially as just part of an action, without having to define it as a development object in the Enterprise Services Builder first.

This can be done in the Enterprise Services Builder at a later stage. In the action editor, position the cursor on the interface in question and choose New (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text) from the context menu. A service interface is then created with the name and the namespace being taken from the action editor. You can now define the properties of the interfaces.


This is only possible for service interfaces and not RFCs or IDocs.


Note that you can change the direction and mode of an interface during its design, but any changes you make will not be taken into account in the action editor or Process Integration scenario editor. These can therefore lead to inconsistencies.


The interface is assigned to the action and the name of the interface is displayed in the Inbound Interface or Outbound Interface area of the action editor.


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