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You can preconfigure a communication channel with a communication channel template. You can use the communication channel template as a template to define a communication channel at configuration time.


If you want to create multiple communication channels with some identical configuration data, you should use a communication channel template.


Adapter Configuration

On the Parameters tab page, you can specify the following parameters for the communication channel template:

Non-Adapter-Type-Specific Parameters



Adapter Type


You must define an adapter type.

To select an adapter type, choose Display Input Help. The adapter types which have adapter metadata in the ES Repository are offered for selection.

The value selection for all other parameters depends on the adapter type.


This parameter defines whether the template is for a sender or a receiver channel. Use the radio buttons. Note that the direction is defined for some adapter types (see Communication Channel).

Transport Protocol

This parameter defines the transport protocol for processing the message.

Message Protocol

This parameter defines the message protocol for processing the message.

Adapter-Type-Specific Parameters

To preconfigure the part of the communication channel that is specific to the adapter type, choose Select Attributes (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text). In the Select Attributes dialog you can select the input fields that you want to predefine for the communication channel from the available input fields for this adapter type. Select the field in the Available Fields box and choose Apply.

After selecting the attributes, choose Apply.

You can assign fixed values to the selected input fields in the Edit Communication Channel Template editor.

By selecting the Evaluate Conditions checkbox, you can define that field dependencies and certain field values should be taken into consideration when the selected fields are displayed.


If you have selected all available fields for adapter type XI, selected this checkbox, and predefined the Addressing Type field with the value HTTP Destination, only those fields that are relevant for this addressing type are displayed. All other fields are hidden.

Module Configuration

On the Modules tab page, you can pre-configure modules.

More information: Module Processor


Note that all modules specified in a communication channel template are treated as a single parameter. This means that if you specify modules in the communication channel template and then use this communication channel template in a channel for which modules are already defined, all modules defined for the channel are overwritten.


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