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This graphic is explained in the accompanying text What are OLE Objects?  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

OLE objects are objects that originate from various applications but can be used in the modeling environment. You can change the position and size of OLE objects.

If a model is opened that contains linked OLE objects, their link to the original object will be refreshed. For example, the link to a Wordpad document will be re-established. This assumes that the document path was not changed after insertion into the model. Whether refreshing is possible or not, linked OLE objects will always be displayed in the most recent refreshed state.

OLE objects are launched in a separate window. You can create the OLE object and then exit the application. Depending on your choice, inserted OLE objects are either represented by the icon for the underlying application, labeled with the file name and placed in the modeling area, or the content of the OLE object is displayed.

Multiple OLE object applications can be active simultaneously. This means that you can also edit several OLE objects simultaneously.







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