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The process editor has functions for copying and deleting, as well as special functions for complex step types such as loop and block.

General Functions

      Cut, Copy, and Delete

In editing mode, the context menu for all steps contains the functions Cut, Copy, and Delete. If a step was previously copied or cut, the context menu also contains the option Paste.


You can either insert a single step or all steps of an integration process. This enables you to copy a step from one of the examples shipped by SAP and insert it in your own integration process, for example. When you insert an integration process, only the graphical definition is inserted. Container elements, correlations, and mappings, are not included.

Functions for Complex Step Types

      Showing and Hiding Steps

In the case of complex step types such as Loop and Block, the context menu contains options that enable you to show or hide the steps that they contain.

      Inserting and Deleting Branches

In the case of a block, the context menu contains options for inserting and deleting an exception branch or deadline branch. The context menu for a switch contains an option for deleting branches (you cannot delete the Otherwise branch, however).


Call the required function from the context menu for the relevant step.


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