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When you define an integration process, specify the messages that the integration process is to process, and the required processing steps.

The definition, configuration, execution, and monitoring of integration processes are all part of message-based process integration in SAP NetWeaver.


Define Service Interfaces

       1.      Define the messages that the integration process is to process.

To do so, define the required service interfaces in the Enterprise Services Repository.

More information: Developing Service Interfaces

If the integration process is to transform messages (for example, bundle multiple messages into one message), you also need to define the required multi-mappings.

More information: Multi-Mapping

Define the Process Data

       2.      Define the data that the process uses as container elements.

Container elements are similar to variables in a programming language.

More information: Defining the Data for a Process in Containers

Define the Processing Steps

       3.      Define the processing steps in the process.

Use the various step types in the process editor for this purpose. For example, to receive a message in a process, you must insert a receive step. To define which messages are to start the process, insert a starting receive step.

More information: Step Types

Correlate Associated Messages

       4.      To ensure that associated messages are processed by the same process instance, you must define appropriate correlations.

More information: Correlation: Defining Assignment of Messages to Process Instances

Define Exception Handling and Deadline Monitoring

       5.      Optional: Define functions for exception handling and deadline monitoring as required.

More information: Exception Handling and Deadline Monitoring

Defining Process Integration Scenarios

       6.      Define a process integration scenario for the integration process.

This then enables you to use the process integration scenario configurator to configure the integration process in the Integration Directory later on.

More information: Designing Process Integration Scenarios


An example of an integration process is available in the Enterprise Services Repository:

SAP BASIS  SAP BASIS 6.40 MultipleFlightBookingCoordination

More information: Example: Integration Process for Connecting Flight Bookings).



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