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In the Process Integration scenario design environment of the Enterprise Services Builder you can display and edit Process Integration scenarios.


If a product or main instance is changed in the System Landscape Directory (SLD) after it has been assigned for the first time to an application component in a Process Integration scenario, you must update the product or main instance.

More information: Updating Products/Main Instances


The Process Integration Scenario design environment contains two editors:

Process Integration Scenario Editor.

Action Editor


In the navigation area, Process Integration scenarios and actions are put in order of software component versions and namespace, and displayed under Process Integration Scenarios and Processes. Note that in the navigation tree, actions are grouped under their software component version as independent design objects. This means that generally not all actions that are used in a Process Integration scenario are displayed in the same position in the navigation tree as in the Process Integration scenario.

This section is structured as follows:

Action Editor explains how to use the action editor

Business Integration Scenario Editor explains how to use the Process Integration scenario editor

Handling Messages describes what problems can occur and how best to resolve them


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