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You use the Enterprise Services Builder to perform the following tasks.

Making Personal Settings

Making Personal Settings

Editing Authorizations

Editing Authorizations

Define Work Areas

The main work areas are the software component versions and the namespaces. First select an existing software component version and a namespace for your development or create new ones.

You can define folders within a namespace to enable you to group your objects.

      Create Software Component Versions

      Editing Software Component Versions

      Create Namespace

      Creating Folders

Display and Search for Objects

      Open Object

More information: Object Editor

      Searching For Objects

Edit Objects

      Creating Objects

      Edit Object

      Copying Objects

      Modify Object

      Assign Object Documentation

      Translate Texts

      Calling a Where-Used List

      Perform a Component Check

      Checking Objects

Manage Objects Changes

      Manage changes in change lists

A change list is automatically created for each software component version in which a user edits objects. All the objects in the software component version that the user is currently processing are displayed in the change list.

To structure your changes clearly, you can create any number of change lists for each software component version.

More information: Change Lists.

      Process Version Conflict

      Display the Object History

Tasks for Problem Analysis

Analyzing Cache Notifications

Tasks Associated with SLD Data

      The Enterprise Services Builder accesses information about software component versions from the System Landscape Directory (SLD). This information is loaded to a cache to enable the data to be accessed more quickly. The SLD cache is updated every time you start the Enterprise Services Builder. If SLD data is changed during an Enterprise Services Builder session, you have the option of deleting the SLD cache manually.

More information: Deleting SLD Data Cache

      The Enterprise Services Builder accesses information about products and main instances from the System Landscape Directory (SLD). An application component from a Process Integration scenario is based on a product or a main instance. If a product or main instance is changed in the SLD, you must update the products/main instances so that this change takes effect in all Process Integration scenarios that use the product or main instance.

More information: Updating Products/Main Instances


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