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Version conflicts can occur if active versions of the same object are identified when objects are imported in the Enterprise Services Repository.

More information: Version Conflicts


A customer modifies an object that was originally created by SAP. If SAP creates a new version during an upgrade and the customer imports this upgrade, a version conflict occurs.

Version conflicts that occur as a result of the import are displayed in the navigation bar for the Enterprise Services Builder on the Conflicts tab page where they can also be edited.

Conflicts that occur during the object import are not assigned to a specific user in the first instance. The system therefore displays all version conflicts that have occurred on the Conflicts tab page.

When a user opens an object in the conflict editor and selects/defines a valid version, the system assigns the object to this user and transfers it to their pre-defined change list (for the corresponding software component version). It is then no longer displayed on the Conflicts tab page. If the user releases this object in their change list, this resolves the conflict.


An object version that the user wants to activate to resolve the conflict may already be out of date. This may be the case if an additional import is executed in the background using a more recent object version. In this case, a conflict occurs following activation.

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