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This interface pattern is used for business process object type business objects (BOs). It describes the synchronous access to the BO from a UI component or from an application which does not need to be persisted. If there are multiple, exceptional BO specializations, then you must model multiple service interfaces (one service interface for each BO).

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

Interface Pattern for Business Process Object Type BOs

Further comments:

  • The Change <BO> operation overwrites the data of a BO without checking whether any changes have been made to the data since the last read-only access. The Update <BO> operation checks this.

  • The Update <BO> operation requires a previous read-only access using the Read <BO> operation which returns a version key. Using this version key it can be checked within the Update operation if data has been changed in the <BO>. The update can only be performed on unchanged data.

  • The Check <BO> operation can only check those data inconsistencies that can be checked independently from data changes.