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Procedure documentation Importing SLD-Based Software Component Versions   Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You require software component versions when you create namespaces. Therefore, they are a prerequisite when you create objects in the Enterprise Services Repository.

You import all SLD-based software component versions that you require to define objects from the component description in the System Landscape Directory (SLD).

More information: Software Catalog



       1.      In the Enterprise Services Repository menu bar, choose Object New.

       2.      In the create dialog, expand the Work Areas node.

       3.      Select Software Component Version.

       4.      Select the Import from SLD radio button.

       5.      After List of Software Component Versions, choose Display.

The system displays all software component versions from the SLD.

       6.      Select one or more software component versions that you want to import. To do so, select the corresponding checkboxes.

       7.      Choose Import.

       8.      You can now edit the software component version further.

More information: Editing Software Component Versions


You have created a software component version and can now define namespaces for it.

More information: Creating Namespaces


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