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This graphic is explained in the accompanying text How to select model items  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can conveniently select groups of model items.



Adjacent model items


       1.      Click next to/above the first item and hold the mouse button down.

       2.      Drag the frame so that all items you want to select will be completely enclosed by the frame.

       3.      Release the mouse button.


Model items placed independently from one another


       1.      Hold down the Ctrl key.

       2.      Click on the model items you want to include one after another.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

If you click on a selected model item with the Ctrl key held down, the selected item will be deselected.


Select all/Select all of this kind/Select all of this type


       1.      Right-click on the model item.

       2.      Click on Select.

       3.      Click on the desired menu item: Select all, Select all of this kind, Select all of this type.


Invert selection

If you have a large number of items and want to exclude just a few from the selection, you can proceed as follows:


       1.      Hold down the Ctrl key.

       2.      One after the other, click on the items you do not want to select.

       3.      Right-click in the selection.

       4.      Click on Select/Invert selection.



The corresponding model items are selected.




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