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You use the basic settings for operation mappings to define an initialization for an operation mapping. This initialization defines a behavior that applies for all preconfigured mapping programs. The following options are possible:

Basic Settings for Operation Mappings



Use SAP XML Toolkit

Specifies whether the SAP XML Toolkit is to be used for executing preconfigured XSLT programs. Only select Use SAP XML Toolkit if you reference an existing XSLT mapping program that does not run with JDK 5. SAP recommends that you no longer use the SAP XML Toolkit for new XSLT mapping programs.

More information: XSLT Mapping

Do Not Resolve XOP Includes

If the data structure of a message to be processed in an operation mapping contains modeled binary data, the Web service runtime may extract this binary data and create a MIME attachment (MTOM optimization) before the message is sent. The binary data encoded in xsd:base64Binary is then replaced by a <xop:include> statement.

If you select this option, the mapping runtime assumes that the preconfigured mapping programs in the operation mapping are still executable despite this replacement.

If you do not select this option, the mapping runtime reinserts the binary data in the message payload before the mapping program is executed (the reference set by <xop:include> is then resolved).

More information: SOAP Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM)

Read Attachments

Mapping programs are executed in the Java part of SAP NetWeaver AS. Since the Integration Server is in the ABAP part of SAP NetWeaver AS, before a mapping program can access a message the message must first be sent to the Java part.

If you do not select this option, the mapping runtime only transfers the message payload to the Java part (without any attachments). If you do select this option, the attachments are transferred to the Java part in addition to the payload.

More information: SOAP Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM)


Both the resolving of XOP includes and the reading of message attachments can - in the case of large attachments - have a serious negative effect on the overall execution time for a mapping. Furthermore, the amount of memory required for processing such attachments is greater when they are part of the payload, or when they have to be accessed while the mapping is being executed.






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