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Procedure documentation 2: Defining Dependencies  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


To make the objects shipped by SAP available in your software component version, assign the SAP BASIS 6.40 software component version to your software component version as a subordinate software component version.


       1.      On the System Landscape Directory initial screen, choose Products under Software Catalog.

       2.      Select MyTutorial<ID> of <YourName> at the top of the screen.

       3.      Choose the Software Components tab page at the bottom of the screen.

       4.      In the Software Component Version column, choose the link for your software component version.

       5.      Choose the Dependencies tab page.

       6.      Select Installation Time from the selection list at the top of the screen.

       7.      Choose Define Prerequisite Software Component Versions.

       8.      Select SAP BASIS 6.40 and choose Define Prerequisite Software Component Versions.


The example shipped by SAP is defined as a subordinate software component. You can now import your software component version into the Enterprise Services Repository.


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