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Customers can develop an XSLT mapping by using the Transformation Editor of the ABAP Workbench. Such XSLT mappings are executed at runtime on the ABAP Engine of the Integration Server.


To simplify matters, this section refers to XSLT mappings of the ABAP Engine as transformation programs to differentiate them from XSLT mappings from imported archives that are executed on the J2EE Engine.


Note the prerequisites in the sections Purpose and Integration as well as the Restrictions in Mapping Development with the ABAP Workbench.


Runtime Constants

You can access the same constants in a transformation program as in an XSLT mapping, except for the constant $MappingTrace. You must declare the constants used as parameters with <xsl:param name=“…“/>. For a list of constants, see XSLT Mapping.

To make matters simpler by declaring all constants in one transformation program, you can also integrate the transformation program SXI_PARAMETER_DECLARATION from the package SAI_MAPPING:

<xsl:include sap:name=“SXI_PARAMETER_DECLARATION“/>


For an XSLT example, see XSLT Mapping.





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