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Procedure documentation 1: Create an Integration Process  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Create an integration process as an object in the Enterprise Services Repository.



       1.      In the user menu, choose Exchange Infrastructure Start Integration Builder (transaction SXMB_IFR).

       2.      On the SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure start page, under Enterprise Services Builder, choose the entry Enterprise Services Repository.

       3.      In the logon dialog box, enter your user name and password and select a language for the user interface.

The system displays the Enterprise Services Builder.

       4.      In the navigation tree, navigate to your software component version and then to your namespace http://MyTutorial<ID>, which you created in the previous tutorial.

More information: Tutorial: Transferring Objects to the Enterprise Services Repository

       5.      In the context menu, choose New.

       6.      Choose Integration Scenario Objects Integration Process.

       7.      Enter TutorialFlightBooking<ID> as the name of the integration process and choose Create. 

If the Select Original Language dialog is displayed, select the language in which you want to define the integration process. This setting is relevant for the translation process.

The right-hand side of the window displays the graphical process editor.

       8.      In the process editor toolbar, choose the This graphic is explained in the accompanying text icon with the quick info text Save.

Save your changes at the end of each lesson.


The integration process has been created. In the work area of the process editor you can see the start and end markers of the integration process.

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Process Editor

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