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Procedure documentation Editing Software Component Versions  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


If you have created a software component version, you can define further attributes. The settings you make here apply for all objects in this software component version.


Defining Basic Object Properties

On the Definition tab page, enter the basic object properties.

The following settings apply:

Settings for Objects of a Software Component Version



Objects Are Originals

Select the checkbox if the software component version objects are the originals in the ES Repository belonging to the ES Builder.

More information: Software Component Versions

Objects Are Modifiable:

Select the checkbox if the software component version objects are modifiable.

If you select this checkbox, under Interface Import, specify the connection data for importing interface objects from SAP systems.

Ensure that IDocs and RFCs can be imported from SAP systems without errors. There is the following detailed information about the SAP system: System, client, message server and logon group.


To find this information for the SAP system, call the logon dialog (SAP logon) for SAP systems. Choose Groups. In the System ID field, enter the system ID of the SAP system that you want to import interfaces from. The Message Server field displays the address of the message server. Choose Create List. The system displays the groups available for logging on to the system (for example, PUBLIC).

More information: Software Component Versions

Usability of Interface Objects

More information: Usability of Interface Objects


Original Language

Defines the original language for software component version objects.

More information: Original Language

Allowed Target Languages for Translations

Specifies the allowed target languages for the translation of language-dependent texts.

Call the input help (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text) and select the target languages required in the value list (checkboxes).

More information: Translating Texts Manually

Use External Documentation

Check this check box if you would like to link software component version objects with external object documentation.

More information: Assign Object Documentation


Specify Namespaces

To be able to create objects for a software component version in the Enterprise Services Repository, at least one namespace must be defined for the software component version.

To define a namespace, on the Definition tab page choose the function Open (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text) under Namespaces.

The namespace editor is called.

Specify Underlying Software Component Versions

       1.      To specify the underlying software component version, on the Details tab page choose the Add an Underlying Software Component Version function under Underlying Software Component Version (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text).

       2.      Select the required software component version and choose Apply.

Subordinate software component versions are connected to the displayed software component version in the System Landscape Directory by a based-on relationship.

See: Underlying Software Component Versions

Display Further Software Component Version Details

The following additional information is displayed in the Display/Edit Software Component Version editor:

      The available Support Packages are displayed on the Details tab page.

      The SLD Info tab page (for SLD-based software component versions only) contains the key information for the software component version that is stored in the System Landscape Directory.

The following information is displayed about software component versions:


       Element type key




       Abbreviation (GUID) of underlying software component version (if available)


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