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Procedure documentation 1: Creating a Product and Software Component Version  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You are assigned a user role for usage type Process Integration.


Opening the usage type Process Integration initial screen


       1.      In the user menu, choose Process Integration Start Integration Builder (transaction SXMB_IFR).

The system displays the initial screen.

Opening the System Landscape Directory

       2.      Choose System Landscape Directory and log on.

The system displays the initial screen of the System Landscape Directory.

       3.      Under Software Catalog, choose Products.

Create a Product Version

       4.      Choose New.

       5.      Choose Create a new product and version followed by Next.

       6.      Define the product version as follows:

       Vendor: Enter your name or an abbreviation of your name.

       Name: MyTutorial<ID>

       Version: 1

       7.      Choose Create.

       8.      In the Unit Name field enter MyTutorial<ID> and choose Next.

Create a Software Component Version

       9.      Enter the name and version for the software component version as follows:

       Name: MyTutorial<ID>

       Version: 1

   10.      Choose Create.

   11.      To return to the System Landscape Directory initial screen, in the navigation bar, choose Home.


You have created the software component version and can now define the dependencies.

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