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You have the option of displaying or editing information about an application component.


A Process Integration Scenario is open (Process Integration Scenario Editor). This contains at least one application component.

To call the Display/Edit Application Component editor, either

      Double click the application component.

      Position the cursor on the application component and choose Display/Edit Application Component from the context menu.

If an integration process (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text) is assigned to the application component, you can open the application component or the integration process directly.


The Display/Edit Application Component editor is structured as follows:


Frame Application Component Type

This frame shows the application component type (by means of a radio button). This can be a Product Version, Main Instance or Template (see Application Component).

See also:

Modeling Application Components

Furthermore, the following information is also displayed:

      Communication type

If you want to map a cross-company process with the Process Integration Scenario, you can display an external business partner with an application component by identifying the application component as External Partner with B2B (B2B component for short). Application components of this communication type this communication type are represented in the graphical Process Integration scenario editor by the icon This graphic is explained in the accompanying text (in the header of the application component).

The communication mode B2B is taken into consideration when generating communication agreements for Configuration of Process Integration Scenarios (see Configuration of Business to Business Scenarios).


An application component with the communication mode External Partner with B2B Communication cannot be assigned an integration process.

      Associated Software Component Versions

The information shown in this area varies according to the type of application component.

       In the case of product versions or main instances, the software component versions that are assigned to the product version are displayed.

       In the case of templates, the software component version to which the Process Integration scenario is assigned is displayed.

Other information is displayed on the following tab pages:

Role Tab Page

The role comprises a technical name and descriptive text.


The technical name must be unique in the Process Integration scenario.

Integration Process Tab Page

If the application component is assigned an integration process (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text) the name of the integration process is displayed on this tab page.


Only integration processes from the software component version can be assigned to the application component.

Other Attributes Tab Page

The other attributes here are the WSCI Name and an Extended Name. The Extended Name field cannot be used for the application component type Main Instance. In this case, the title of the main instance is displayed as the extended name.


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