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A target field mapping describes how one or more source fields are mapped to a target field. To describe a message mapping you must construct it out of individual target field mappings.


You must assign fields for your target field mapping to each other (see: Assigning a Field). Use the data flow editor to edit target field mappings.


To be able to create a target field mapping you must first have loaded a source structure and a target structure in the mapping editor.


·        You can map individual fields to each other and change the structures in the process (see: Runtime Procedure).

·        You can perform simple calculations, Boolean comparisons, text mappings, and other transformations by using the standard functions.

·        You can define user-defined functions in Java that you can use in exactly the same way as standard functions in the data flow editor.

·        You can duplicate subtrees in the target structure if source fields are to be mapped to different positions in a target field (see: Duplicating Subtrees).





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