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This tutorial enables you to familiarize yourself with the procedure for defining integration processes and the graphical process editor. The tutorial is based on an integration process that SAP ships as an example. This enables you to use the interface objects and mapping objects of the shipped example that have already been defined.

Example Process

The integration process on which the tutorial is based is structured as follows:

A travel agency sends a flight booking to the integration process. The integration process creates bookings for the individual legs of the flight trip and sends them to the relevant airlines in parallel. Each airline sends a confirmation confirming whether the booking was successful or not. The integration process collects all confirmations. If all the legs of the flight trip were booked successfully, the integration process creates a confirmation for the whole flight trip and sends it to the travel agency. If this is not the case, the integration process sends an error message to the travel agency and cancellations for the flights booked in the first part of the process to the relevant travel agencies.


You have imported the integration process shipped by SAP as well as the relevant objects, into a separate software component version in the Enterprise Services Repository. A separate tutorial describes the procedure in detail.

More information: Tutorial: Transferring Objects to the Enterprise Services Repository


The tutorial is subdivided into separate lessons. The lessons build upon one another. Consequently, you must complete the lessons in the specified order. Links to detailed descriptions of the material are available at the end of each lesson.

More information: 1: Create an Integration Process


At the end of the tutorial you will have defined the integration process for booking connecting flights. You can compare the result with the integration process shipped by SAP and the corresponding scenario, and finally configure and execute the scenario.


To display the integration process shipped by SAP, in the Enterprise Services Repository, choose SAP BASIS  SAP BASIS 6.40 in the namespace under MultipleFlightBookingCoordination.

More information: Example: Integration Process for Connecting Flight Bookings).




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