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You can assign a Process Integration scenario both an application component and a role. You must specify the implementing product version for the application component, including its enhanced name if applicable. Furthermore, you define the name of the WSCI interface for the application component.


You have opened a Process Integration scenario.



       1.      Position the cursor on an empty space in the Process Integration scenario graphic (in the Process Integration scenario editor).

       2.      In the context menu, choose Insert Application Component.

The system displays the Insert Application Component dialog.

You can select the following types for the application component:

       Product Version (defined in System Landscape Directory)

       Main Instances (defined in System Landscape Directory)

       Template (when no corresponding product is defined in the System Landscape Directory)

For more information, see Modeling Application Components.

       3.      Select the relevant radio button in the Application Component Type frame.

       If you decide on Product Version or Main Instance, call the input help for the relevant field and choose a product version from the list.


The Associated Software Component Versions frame displays all software component versions that are assigned to this product version.

       If you choose Template, no entry is displayed in the Product Version field.


The Associated Software Component Version frame displays the software component version to which the Process Integration scenario is assigned.

For more information, see Modeling Application Components.

       4.      On the Role tab page, specify the role of the application component (optional).

       5.      If the application component is to represent an integration process, choose the Integration Process tab page (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text). Here you choose the integration process (from the Enterprise Services Repository).

       6.      On the Other Attributes tab page, specify an enhanced name (optional). 

The enhanced name can be used to do the following:

       Specify the function area of a product in more detail. 


For example, you could specify the enhanced name SAP FIN for an application component with the product version SAP R/3 4.6C. This would indicate that this Process Integration scenario is relevant for the sub area Financials.

       Specify the product name if the application component type is a template.

       7.      Specify a name for the WSCI interface (optional).

       8.      Choose Apply.


The system inserts an application component as a colored column in the graphical work area of the Process Integration Scenario editor. The column header displays the role, the product version, and the enhanced name.


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