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Once you have modeled the services of an application and have modeled how the applications interact with each other, you can create specified design objects in the Enterprise Services Repository for the design objects you have modeled. Specified here means that you define the structure of each modeled object in detail, for example, which operations a service interface comprises, and which data structure describes a particular message type.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

You can also create the specified object types first. However, we recommend that you only start to do so once you have finished modeling the objects. It is then easier to derive the specifying objects.


See the prerequisites in the Enterprise Services Repository section.



       1.      Create the required interface objects for your application (more information: Defining the Service Structure with Interface Objects).


If a process component model or process component interaction model already exists, you can derive the names of the specified objects directly from the models. More information: Modeling A2X Services, Modeling A2A Interactions.

       2.      To integrate applications by using the Integration Server you require interface objects from the last step. The Integration Server also provides further integration services (mappings and integration processes, for example) that you can define by means of additional object types in the ES Repository. More information: Defining Design Objects for Integration Server Communication.





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