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Procedure documentation 9: Receiving a Confirmation (Receive Step)   Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


To be able to receive confirmations from the airlines, you must define a corresponding local container element. Next, insert a receive step into the block and specify the container element in this receive step. To ensure that the confirmation is assigned to the correct booking, the receive step uses the correlation that was activated by the send step when the booking was sent.


Defining a Container Element


       1.      Select the SendParallel block and define the container element that is to receive the message.

       Name: AirlineResponse

       Category: Abstract Interface

       Type: FlightBookingOrderConfirmation_Abstract

       Container: SendParallel

Defining a Receive Step

       2.      Insert a receive step (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text) after the container operation.

       3.      Enter ReceiveConfirmation as the step name.

       4.      Double-click the Message field, and then in the expression editor choose AirlineResponse.

       5.      In the Using Correlation field, select BookingConfirmation.

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