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Procedure documentation Activating Principal Propagation in the BPE  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can implement principal propagation in the Business Process Engine (BPE) for non-correlating messages, such as simply sending messages.

For general information about principal propagation, see Configuring Principal Propagation.

The message that started the integration process determines whether the process receives and transfers the user context and user identity during processing. Once principal propagation has been configured (see Prerequisites  and Procedure) and if the inbound message has a user context, then principal propagation is automatically activated in the BPE.

The following user data is stored and transferred in the integration process for principal propagation:

      The user context of the start message is retained in the message processing in the integration process.

      The user identity is defined for all outbound messages from the integration process. All send processes are executed under the user that was passed on.


      The start message (XI message) is selected and configured for principal propagation. The identifier for principal propagation is set in the Sender Agreement.

The message is then executed using this user identity. The user context of the message is also stored in the database and can be used to establish the identity of the user.

For information on how to configure principal propagation for XI messages, see Configuring Principal Propagation.

      The process has no correlations.


Activate principal propagation for processes in BPE as follows:

       1.      Select Process Integration  Configuration  Process Engine - Configuration Inbound Processing (transaction SWF_INB_CONF).

       2.      Set the Principal Propagation identifier to active.


You cannot set the Principal Propagation identifier for correlating processes.

       3.      If you are dealing with processes that were last activated in older versions (< NetWeaver Process Integration 7.1 SPS4), reactivate the process definitions. After reactivating them, you can then activate principal propagation for the process.


The user information must be transported within the process definition to the send steps. Process definitions that were last activated before NW PI 7.10 SPS4 are not integrated into this transport mechanism. You are told under Principal Propagation if a process needs to be reactivated: Reactivate Process.



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