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A lost and found object can occur when the folder to which the object was originally assigned has been deleted but the object itself has not. These objects are then no longer displayed in the navigation area of the ES Builder.

To display lost and found objects, select the relevant option in the filter settings. The objects are then displayed beneath the software component version in a separate folder called Lost and Found. This folder is structured according to namespaces.

Lost and found objects can occur in the following cases:

      During a transport, objects are transported to another system but not the folders that the objects are assigned to.

      You create a folder and also create some objects in this folder. In the change list, you then undo the creation of the folder but release the creation of the objects.

      If you delete a folder, all the objects from this folder are released to the change list for deletion. If you then undo the deletion of the object but release the deletion of the folder, lost and found objects occur.

You can search for lost and found objects in the component check.

More information: Performing a Component Check


To display lost and found objects, proceed as follows:

       1.      In the navigation area of the application toolbar, choose the pushbutton with the arrow symbol Change Filter Settings (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text).

       2.      Choose Display Lost and Found Objects.


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