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The Enterprise Services Repository is a development environment for very different application goals. It represents not only the central access point for service development but also access to the development of cross-component processes that are based on the exchange of XML messages. Depending on which of these application goals you wish to pursue, you require a different subset of objects from the ES Repository.

Define an application-related basic selection of object and model types using the application profile. You can choose between the following application profiles:

      Service Development

This basic selection facilitates modeling and interface development.

      Process Integration

This basic selection facilitates the modeling of cross-component processes and the development of interfaces and mappings, as well as adapter objects.


This basic selection contains the total amount of object types of both of the Service Development and Process Integration application profiles.


By hiding individual object types you can further adapt the basic selection defined by the application profile to your individual needs.

More information: Selecting Object Types


Choosing the Application Profile When Starting the ES Builder


       1.      Log on to the ES Builder using your user and password.

If you have not yet saved an application profile as standard (see below) the Select Application Profile dialog box is displayed.

       2.      Choose the application profile you require for your application.

       3.      Select Choose.

       4.      The system starts the ES Builder.


You can specify an application profile as default. You will then not be asked to select an application profile the next time you log on to the ES Builder. If you then later wish to change the application profile, you must follow the directions below.

Changing the Application Profile After Starting the ES Builder

If you would like to change the application profile after you have already started the ES Builder, proceed as follows:


       1.      In the navigation area of the application toolbar, choose the pushbutton with the arrow symbol Change Filter Settings (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text).

       2.      Choose Change Application Profile.

       3.      Choose an application profile.

       4.      Select Choose.



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