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Use these settings to determine the appearance of models.

The following table lists all the possible settings:

Settings for Display




Specifies the size of models in the model window.

Background Color

Specifies the color of the modeling area.

Text Attributes in Symbol

Specifies how text placed inside object symbols is to be handled:

      Text over symbol: The text goes beyond the edges of symbols. If text is inserted in all three positions, the texts can overlap.

      Resize symbol: The symbols are changed in height and width to suit the text inside. If you use this option, manual object scaling is not possible.

      Multi-line text: The text is displayed on multiple lines. If the text does not completely fit into the symbol, the remaining text is cut off and is replaced with three dots (...).

      Single-line text: The text is displayed on one line. If it extends beyond the border of the object, the remaining text is cut off and is replaced with three dots (...).

Hide Assignment Icons

Hides the assignment icons of models.

Remove Color Behind Text

Gives text contained in objects a white background. This makes text contained in objects that are displayed with dark colors readable.

Current Template

Model template on which you can base your models.


If you want to select another model template, choose Change and using the Template dialog box select the model template you want.

Model Type-Specific Templates

You can assign a separate model template to each model type.

When you create a new model, the template selected for this model will be used automatically.



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