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Procedure documentation How to Create a Link to a Design Object  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


In the Enterprise Services Repository you can create a reference from an object in a model ('modeling object') to a design object that corresponds to this object.

This process sets the design object type by the modeling object type.


If your model contains a service interface, you can define a reference to a service interface in the Enterprise Services Repository.



       1.      In the model, position the cursor on the object for which you want to define an authorization.

       2.      In the context menu, choose <Object Type> Assignment Create Assignment.

       3.      In the Assignment dialog box, select the target object.


You can only create assignments to design objects that are in the same software component version as the model.

       4.      Choose Save.

The assignment to the design object is displayed by the This graphic is explained in the accompanying text symbol next to the modeling object.

If you position the cursor on the symbol then information about the target object is displayed (for example, name, namespace, and software component version).


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