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Procedure documentationDefining a Simple Data Type (Freely-Modeled) Locate this document in the navigation structure


  1. On the design maintenance screen of the ES Builder, create a data type in your namespace (see also: Creating an Object).).

  2. Choose the Type Definition tab page. The XSD editor automatically selects the category Simple Type when you create a data type.

  3. Define a built-in data type in the Type column by expanding the list box for the cell and choosing XSD Types.

    Note Note

    You can also reference other simple data types in the list box by using the input help. You cannot reference complex data types. You cannot make any entries for simple data types in the Occurrence column.

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  4. To define the elements of the simple data type in the Details column, choose F4.

    Note Note

    Before you can use a facet, you must have selected a built-in data type in the Type column for your simple data type, element, or attribute. Otherwise the input field in the Details column remains locked. More information: XSD Editor for Freely-Modeled Data Types

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  5. Enter a description for your simple data type.

  6. Save your changes.


You can now use your simple data type in other data types or (fault) message types.