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You can develop services for a point-to-point communication using Web Services with the outside-in or inside-out approaches. In both cases you integrate two applications message-based using the Web Service runtime without the Integration Server. The following procedure refers to outside-in approach where, depending on language-independent service interfaces in the ES Repository, Web Services can be implemented in ABAP or Java.

More information: Point-to-Point Communication Using Web Services


Before you can begin with developing service interfaces in the Enterprise Services Repository, there must be a software component version for this purpose available in the ES Repository.

More information: Enterprise Services Repository


  1. First, determine which data is to be transferred by the Web Service call.

  2. Using the ES Builder, create the interface objects required in the ES Repository.

    More information: Developing Point-to-Point-Services Outside-In

  3. To make it simpler for configuration later, you can assign matching service interfaces to each other in the Enterprise Services Repository.

    More information: Assigning Service Interfaces to Each Other

  4. To be able to implement the service for the provider and the call for the consumer, generate proxy objects in the ABAP or Java development system for the interface objects created in the ES Repository.

    More information: Proxy Generation