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Complex types with simpleContent are data types with a root element that has a textual XSD type (for example, xsd:string), but that otherwise only have attributes and subelements. If you want to restrict the root element by using facets in the Details column, the XML schema standard specifies that the root element must reference a simple type as an in-between type. Otherwise, the complex type with simpleContent would be both an enhancement (due to the attributes) and a restriction (due to the facets).

To simplify the definition of complex types with simpleContent, the data type editor permits facets for the root element of such types and automatically creates an appropriate in-between type. This type does not have to be created as a separate data type in the Enterprise Services Repository, and is not visible there as a separate data type.


The in-between type is automatically created in SAP NetWeaver 2004 SP Stack 17 and higher. Systems with a lower release version require you to create the in-between type explicitly in the ES Repository. In this release the ES Repository is still referred to as the “Integration Repository”.

Caution Caution

You can transport complex types with simpleContent that were created in an SAP NetWeaver 2004 SP Stack 17 and higher Integration Repository to a different Integration Repository with an earlier SP Stack release version. However, the complex types cannot be displayed correctly there. For more information, see SAP Note 832142.

End of the caution.