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You can define and edit authorizations for access to objects in the Enterprise Services Repository. In the navigation area of the Enterprise Services Builder, you can select the objects for which you want to edit the authorizations.


These activities are usually performed by a system administrator.

To restrict authorizations to a particular object selection, you can do the following:

      Select objects of a directory

      Select objects of a software component version

      Select objects of a namespace

The system first checks authorizations for directories and then authorizations for software component versions and namespaces. If no authorizations are defined, the default setting takes effect.


At present, you cannot restrict authorizations to particular object types (data types, for example).

You can define that authorizations are propagated to underlying directories, or from a software component version to namespaces of the software component version.

You have the option of defining authorizations by using user roles. The system checks for each object whether authorizations exist that are defined using user roles, then applies these.


When defining authorizations, you access users, roles, and groups from central user management.

More information: User Management


Edit Default Settings for Authorizations

You can define a default setting for authorizations. This default setting is applied to all objects for which no explicit authorizations have been defined.


       1.      To edit the default setting for authorizations, choose Tools Default Setting for Authorizations in the Enterprise Services Builder main menu.

The system calls the authorization editor.

       2.      Edit the authorizations that you want to define as the default setting.

More information: Using the Authorization Editor

Edit Authorizations for a Particular Object Selection


       1.      First, define the object selection for which you want to edit the authorizations. To do this, position the cursor in the navigation area at the corresponding place (directory, software component version, or namespace).

       2.      In the context menu, choose Edit Authorizations.

The system calls the authorization editor.

       3.      Edit the authorizations for the selected objects.

More information: Using the Authorization Editor


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