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Procedure documentation Using the Authorization Editor  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can edit authorizations for selected objects.

An authorization defines one or more permitted actions for selected users. A user selection can be an individual user, a group, or a role.


Define Authorizations


       1.      Call the Edit Authorizations dialog for the object selection.

       2.      To create a new authorization, insert a new table row.

       3.      In the Type column, specify whether you want the authorization to be for a user, a group, or a role.

       4.      In the Name column, select the user, the group, or the role.

The available selection in the input help depends on what you selected for the Type column.

       5.      In the Actions column, enter the permitted actions.

You can specify more than one action.

       6.      Choose Apply.

Inherit and Propagate Authorizations

You can propagate authorizations saved for the current object selection to all substructures (for example all underlying directories).

To do this, choose Propagate All Authorizations to Substructures (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text).

You can select authorizations that have been defined for a higher level (for example, a higher-level directory) to inherit and assign to the current level.

To do this, choose Inherit Selected Authorizations (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text). In the following dialog, select the authorizations that you want to inherit for the current level, and choose Apply.


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