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Procedure documentation 3: Importing a Software Component Version  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


To make the software component version you created available, import it to the Enterprise Services Repository.


       1.      On the usage type Process Integration initial screen (Process Integration Tools), choose Enterprise Services Builder under Enterprise Services Repository.

       2.      Log on by entering your user name and password.

The system starts the Enterprise Services Builder.

       3.      Choose Object New.

       4.      Choose Work Areas  Software Component Version.

       5.      Choose Import from SLD.

       6.      To display the list of software component versions, choose Display.

       7.      Select the software component version MyTutorial<ID>followed by Create.

The software component version is imported.

       8.      In the Edit Software Component Version dialog, select the settings Objects Are Original Objects and Objects Can Be Changed.


The MyTutorial<ID> software component is displayed in the Enterprise Services Builder navigation tree. The imported objects are located under Basis Objects when you expand the tree.




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