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Procedure documentation Importing Table Structures from a Database  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


      You want to use a table structure as an external message in an operation.

      You want to import a table structure to define a JDBC lookup graphically in a message mapping (see: Defining JDBC Lookups Graphically).


      The table must be defined in the database.

      To access the table of the database, a JDBC adapter instance and the relevant database must be running.

      To use the JDBC adapter to access the table, you must have configured a receiver JDBC channel (see: Configuring the Receiver JDBC Adapter).



       1.      Create an external definition (see: Creating a New Object).

       2.      Select dbtab as the Category and From Table Definitions as the mode.


Only use the mode Do Not Extract if you want to save the definition centrally in the ES Repository without making any further use of it.

       3.      To import a table structure, choose the This graphic is explained in the accompanying text pushbutton to the right of the Communication Channel input field.

       4.      Follow the instructions in the wizard and save your changes.


You can use the table definition as an external message in the operation of a service interface, or to define a graphical JDBC lookup in a message mapping.






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