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Procedure documentation Creating a Local Software Component Version  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You create a local software component version to allow you to edit an object locally, for example for test purposes.

Local software component versions are intended for temporary development of local objects in an Enterprise Services Repository only. Consequently, you cannot use any local objects in a later configuration in the Integration Directory, and subsequently cannot perform any runtime tests with these objects. You also cannot transport any local objects by using the Change Management Service (CMS).



       1.      In the Enterprise Services Repository menu, choose Object New.

       2.      In the create dialog, expand the Work Areas node.

       3.      Select Software Component Version.

       4.      Select the Local Software Component Version radio button.

       5.      Enter a name for the local software component version.

       6.      Choose Create.

       7.      You can make further entries in the Edit Software Component Version editor.

More information: Editing a Software Component Version


You have created a local software component version and can now define namespaces for it.

More information: Creating Namespaces


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