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Procedure documentation Starting and Stopping the Business Process Engine   Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The Business Process Engine (BPE) executes integration processes at runtime. To determine whether the BPE has been started, or to start or stop the BPE in a controlled manner, use transaction SWF_XI_ADM_BPE.


      To display the status of the BPE you require role SAP_XI_BPE_MONITOR_ABAP.

      To start or stop the BPE you require role SAP_XI_BPE_ADMINISTRATOR_ABAP.


       1.      Call transaction SWF_XI_ADM_BPE.

The status display shows the status of the BPE and its components.

       Green: Component running

       Red: Component stopped

       Amber: Component currently being stopped or started

This can take a few minutes. Wait until the status display changes.

       Error icon: Error when starting or stopping the component.

You can decide whether you want to continue with the procedure or terminate. For example, if a component cannot be stopped, you can decide whether you want to attempt to stop the BPE again, or whether you want to restart the BPE completely.

       2.      Start or stop the BPE.

Depending on its current status, either the button for starting or the button for stopping the BPE is displayed. If an error occurs, both buttons are displayed and you must decide how you want to proceed. 

The individual steps for starting or stopping the BPE are executed in turn and the status of each step is displayed. The log for the individual process steps is displayed in the window area at the bottom of the screen.


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