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Inbound processing is a runtime component that delivers messages to integration processes, or that starts new integration process instances.

You can configure inbound processing to improve performance and message throughput. The configuration that is most suitable in each case is determined by the semantics of the relevant integration process.

Basic Procedure

Inbound processing proceeds as follows.

Step 1: Determine the process type that the message is delivered to

Once the process type that the message is to be sent to has been determined, the message is placed in a process-type specific qRFC queue before being processed further in inbound processing.

You can influence this step by configuring how queues are assigned. Depending on the semantics of the process, you can either enable load balancing or execute the qRFC queue entries on a dedicated server.

Step 2: Determine the process instances that the message is to be delivered to

For a message to be assigned to a process, the process must have at least one active correlation for the message concerned. If this is not the case but the process type contains one of the starting receive steps for this message, a new process instance is started and the message is sent to this process instance instead.

Step 3: Deliver the message to existing process instances or start a new process instance

Once the message has been successfully delivered, the process is continued after the receive step.

You can influence this step by configuring the delivery mode.


SAP recommends that you select the setting without buffering where this is permitted by the semantics of the process. Selecting this setting can help with the analysis of specific problem situations. It will also improve system performance.


Configure the delivery mode and the assignment of queues:

Configuring the Delivery Mode for Inbound Processing

Configuring Queue Assignment for Inbound Processing


More Information:

Assigning Messages to Receive Steps


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