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A configurable parameter is a parameter with a value that you configure in the integration process component in the Integration Directory. This means you do not need to change the process definition if you want to alter the value later. You can create multiple configurations for one process and define different values for a configurable parameter in each one.

Configurable Parameters in Conditions

You can use configurable parameters in conditions, for example, as shown in the following example:


You want to control processing in the process based on order volumes:

       Order volume 1000 – Processing branch 1

       Order volume 2000 – Processing branch 2

       Order volume 3000 – Processing branch 3

In the process editor, define the configurable parameters ordervolume_1, ordervolume_2, and ordervolume_3 and query them in the conditions of a switch. You define the values of the parameters in the Integration Directory.

Different Configurations of a Process

To define different configurations, define different integration process components in the Integration Directory. For example, if you define the purchase volume as a configurable parameter, you can define a different receiver depending on the purchase volume in the configuration. The system creates a separate Workflow at runtime for each configuration.


You define configurable parameters in the same way as container elements. You also have the option of defining a default value for configurable parameters.

       1.      In the object area of the process editor, choose the Configurable Parameters view.

       2.      Give the parameter a name and choose the required category and type.

       Agent: Specifies the agent of a user decision

More information: User Decision

       Simple Type: For a configurable parameter that you use in conditions, for example.

More information: Defining Conditions

       Adapter: Specifies the communication channel when programming a mapping lookup that you use in a transformation step.

More information: Mapping Lookups or Transformation  Step

       3.      Optional: You also have the option of configuring a default value for the configurable parameter.

Provided you do not configure a different value, the default value is automatically used in the Integration Directory when configuring the corresponding process service. 


Once you have activated the change list, you can configure the parameter in the relevant integration process component in the Integration Directory.

More information: Integration Process Component


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