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Depending on the text category, you use a UI text object to assign the texts that you want to use in design to an appropriate user interface element. Since there are some UI standard texts that are reused often by developers (OK or Cancel, for example), UI text objects are separate objects types in the ES Repository that can be reused. You can use a UI text object in any number of data types within the same software component version.


You can only create UI text objects in software component versions that are intended for back-end systems based on SAP NetWeaver 2007 for mySAP. Likewise, you can only reference these UI text objects from data types that were created in such software component versions.


A UI text object has a text category, with which you specify the use of the text created. You can use text objects of category Field Label in data types.

Using Text Objects in Data Types

The following table provides an overview of the fields that can be assigned text objects of type Field Label:

Data Type Classification (Category)

Assignment Possible?



(Simple Type)


You can only assign a field label when you use the simple type in a complex data type.


(Complex Type)


You can assign a text object to all fields (elements or attributes) that are assigned a data type (built-in XSD data type, or a data type created in the ES Repository).


(Complex Type (with Simple Content)

Attributes only

A complex type with simple content comprises a root element and one or more attributes only. When you assign this data type to a complex data type, you can then assign a text object to the former root element. So, in a similar way to simple types, the text for an element is only specified when it is used, while the text for the attributes is specified beforehand.

Core Data Type


You can only assign a field label if you use the core data type in an aggregated data type.

Aggregated Data Type

Only elements and attributes that have been inserted in the displayed aggregated data type and that were assigned a core data type