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Parameterized message mappings enable you to increase the number of possible applications for a message mapping; by defining an appropriate interface you can transfer values to the functions of the message mapping, or query values from these functions.

See also: Parameterized Mapping Programs.


Both user-defined and standard functions of message mappings can have function parameters. Independently of this, in the mapping editor, you can define message mapping parameters as the signature of the message mapping so that you can connect selected function parameters to the message mapping parameters later on. These parameters are visible as the signature of the message mapping so that you can in turn connect them to the operation mapping parameters.

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Import and Export Parameters

The function parameters of standard functions only have import parameters.

If you create a user-defined function, you have the following options:

      The parameters that you create as signature variables in the function properties are always import parameters.

      You can only assign values to export parameters in user-defined functions by using methods of the mapping API. At runtime, you can only transfer the values of export parameters to integration processes or monitoring processes.

See also:

      Defining and Using Import Parameters

      Defining and Using Export Parameters





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