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You can use parameters to transfer values to a mapping program at configuration time thereby increasing the number of possible applications for a mapping program. For example, you could first define a separator for a concatenation function in the Integration Directory. In this way, mapping programs can be applied flexibly. All mapping program parameters are known as the signature of the mapping program.


The mapping runtime also allows you to evaluate header fields in the source message (see also: Java Mapping, XSLT Mapping, Test Environment (message mappings)).


Since at runtime you access all mapping programs by using operation mappings, they also have a signature with operation mapping parameters, which you connect to the mapping program parameters by means of a binding.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

The binding is part of the operation mapping.


You can transfer values to a mapping program in the following ways:

      Statically in an interface determination in the Integration Directory.

      By using a transformation step in an integration or monitoring process in the ES Repository.

To transfer values to a mapping program, or to query values of the mapping program, use import or export parameters:

Primary Uses of Mapping Program Parameters



Value Transfer or Value Assignment


Transfer values to mapping program before it is executed.

In the case of message mapping parameters, you can also specify constants beforehand in the operation mapping binding.

Interface Determination

Transformation Step


Transfer values of the mapping program after it has been executed to an integration or monitoring process.

You can set export parameters in the mapping program. Export parameters can only be evaluated in monitoring or integration processes.

Transformation step

Parameter Categories




Simple Type


Transfer a scalable value of type xsd:string or xsd:integer.



Select an adapter type for programming a mapping lookup. To be able to access a system while the mapping program is being executed, a communication channel that references the same adapter type must be defined in the Integration Directory. In this way, the name of the communication channel can vary up to configuration time.


You can work with mapping program parameters for the following mapping program types:

      Parameterized Message Mappings

      Parameterized Java Mappings

      Parameterized XSLT Mappings




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