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Besides simply mapping the values and structures of a message, your application scenario may require you to also use additional mapping techniques. This section summarizes the options that are currently supported.


You are experienced user of one or more types of mapping program (message mappings, XSLT, or Java).


     Function Libraries

Function libraries enable you to reuse user-defined functions in message mappings and mapping templates.

     Parameterized Mapping Programs

You can increase the number of possible applications for a mapping program by using import parameters, or you can transfer values to an integration process by using export parameters.

     References Between Mapping Programs

You can also use mapping programs in different program types.

     Multi Mappings

You can use a multi-mapping to map one or more source messages to one or more target messages.

     Adding Lookups to Mapping Programs

You can use mapping lookups in a mapping program to call functions in an application system.

     Developing Mappings with ABAP Workbench

Customers can also develop mapping programs with ABAP Workbench.





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