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User-defined Java functions of a message mapping or a mapping template are saved in a local function library. If you want to use these functions in other message mappings or mapping templates, you can copy them to a function library and then use them in different local function libraries of the same or a superordinate software component version.


A message mapping or mapping template already exists with a local function library whose functions you want to copy.



       1.      Create a new function library in the same or an underlying software component version, in which the message mapping or the mapping template is saved (see also: Creating a New Object).

       2.      In the new function library, create all functions with the same name as in the local function library.

       3.      Use the Export Source Text function to export the source text of the local function library.

       4.      Use the function Import Source Text to import the source text exported in the last step to the new function library you have created.


The Export Source Text and Import Source Text pushbuttons are located to the right of the class name and package name of the (local) function library. If the editor window is too small, these functions are hidden.

       5.      Save the new function library.


You have copied all functions of the local function library to an independent function library. You can now use these functions in other message mappings or mapping templates. Note that there are now two versions of the same functions: one in the local function library and one in the independent function library. If you only want to manage one version, use the functions of the new function library in the original local function library as well (see also: Using Java Functions of Function Libraries).





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