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You use either the Import Statements tab page or the Archives Used tab page to access Java functions from imported Java archives, other function libraries, standard JDK packages, and other packages of the J2EE environment in your (local) function library.


You have created a function library or a message mapping with a local function library.

If you want to access functions from your own Java archive, you must first import this to the ES Repository (see also: Imported Archives (XSLT/Java)). You can access functions from Java archives that are in the same or an underlying software component version in your (local) function library.

Standard packages of the Java Development Kit (JDK) and standard J2EE packages are automatically available after installation of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (Java) and do not have to be imported. You can also access classes of the SAP XML Toolkit, the SAP Java Connector, and the SAP Logging Service. (see also: Runtime Environment (Java Mapping)). When using these functions in Java mappings, the same restrictions apply as for application programs from J2EE environments. Therefore, ensure that you read the implementation considerations and restrictions in Java Mapping.


Archives Used

On the Archives Used tap page you can import archives from the same software component version or a sub software component version.

Import Statements

All message mappings require a range of standard Java packages that are already on the Import Statements tab page and whose functions you can use in other user-defined functions. The imported packages are visible for all functions of the (local) function library.

To access classes that are in a Java archive that is entered on the Archives Used tab page, enter the packages on the Import Statements tab page.





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