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Procedure documentation Receiving Messages in Integration Processes  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


To receive a message in an integration process, you use a receive step.


       1.      Insert the receive step at the required position in the process definition.

       2.      In the object area, define the container element that references the required message.

Select Abstract Interface as the category and the required service interface or operation of the service interface as the type.

More information: Defining Process Data as Container Elements

       3.      Select this container element in the Message field in the properties area of the receive step.

       4.      In the Mode field, choose Asynchronous.

Specify Correlations

       5.      Specify whether the receive step is to activate or use correlations.

Correlations are used to ensure that messages are assigned to the correct process instance.

More information: Correlation: Defining Assignment of Messages to Process Instances

       To activate a correlation, specify it in the Activate Correlations field.

For each correlation, you must specify how the elements of the correlation container are to be filled when the correlation is activated. You can use the whole process container to define the data flow.

       To use a correlation, specify it in the Using Correlations field.

If you specify multiple correlations, the message to be received must satisfy all correlations.

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