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Background documentation Assigning Messages to Receive Steps  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

A message is only ever assigned to one receive step within a process instance, even if multiple receive steps are waiting for a message from the same message interface.

The following table outlines when multiple receive steps can wait for a message from the same message interface:

Arrangement of the Receive Steps

Assignment of Messages

Receive steps arranged one after the other

The system assigns the first message that arrives to the first receive step, the second message to the second receive step, and so and.

Therefore, the system does not assign the first message to all receive steps that are waiting for a message from this message interface.

Receive step in a loop


Processing depends on which option is selected for inbound handling.

For more information, see Configuring Inbound Processing.

Multiple receive steps in a fork

If multiple receive steps in forks are waiting for messages from the same message interface, the system assigns an inbound message to one receive step only (at random).

The remaining receive steps must continue to wait.





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