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If the Business Process Engine (BPE) receives a message for which the sender has requested an acknowledgment, the Business Process Engine automatically sends a corresponding acknowledgement at the end of the process.

Automatically Sent Acknowledgments

The following table shows which acknowledgment the Business Process Engine sends:


Acknowledgment Sent by BPE

Process ends successfully and receives status COMPLETED

Positive acknowledgment

Process is terminated (for example, by a control step) or an administrator deletes the process logically - Status CANCELED

Negative acknowledgment

Sender has requested a system acknowledgment

System acknowledgment

Sender has requested an application acknowledgment

Application Acknowledgement

Send Step in Mode Acknowledgment

If you want to define the procedure differently, use a send step in mode Acknowledgment. If you confirm the receipt of a message explicitly with a send step in mode Acknowledgment, the BPE does not send another acknowledgment at the end of the process.

If a send step sends an acknowledgment type that the sender has not requested, a system error is not triggered.


Define Basic Data


       1.      Insert the send step at the required position in the process definition and select Acknowledgment in the Mode field.

       2.      Specify whether the system is to create a separate transaction for the send step.

You can improve system performance if you define that the system is not to create a separate transaction for the send step. Note, however, that all acknowledgments to be sent are collected and not sent until the end of the relevant transaction. This is of particular importance for transactions that take a long time to execute.

More information: Defining the Transactional Behavior of an Integration Process

       3.      In the Message field, select the container element that references the message for which you want to send the acknowledgment.

Send an Acknowledgment

       4.      Specify which acknowledgement the send step sends.

       Positive: You usually use a positive acknowledgement in a branch that defines the normal case.

       Negative: You usually use a negative acknowledgment in an exception handler.

The system automatically determines the receiver of the acknowledgment from the header of message for which you are sending the acknowledgment.


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